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Taxes, who knew it could be so much fun right? Oh, true, it isn't. Well we find it fun, more so when we help you solve your stress of getting them completed! Drop us a line and lets get going on solving your Tax challenges today!

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GH Tax Consulting, with over 20 years of history in the tax business, can assure you that your time with us will be well spent. Together we will work to end the stress that comes with taxes, be it your personal or your commercial taxes, while setting you on the correct road.

Our Services

We are here to assist you to conclusion with all your tax concerns.

  1. Personal Taxes

    It is always to your benefit to have your taxes up to date annually. But, as is the case often, many do get behind. As long as you create a plan to address these issues, with CRA, then you can move forward in a proactive way. GH Tax will represent you throughout the process to ensure you get the best possible return while keeping the space between you and CRA. You bring us the requested materials and we will do the rest!

  2. Commercial Taxes

    Best practices are what is needed to keep the CRA and yourself in good standing. Monthly submissions on all forms of taxes, be it business or HST, can save you a great deal of grief in lump sum payments and penalties later on down the road. Talk to your GH Tax Commercial Specialist to learn more about programs we can initiate on your behalf to make sure you are always operating with complete and total peace of mind!

  3. HST

    HST, it comes and it goes, or so it is supposed to! Remember, when you are a business who collects HST you must submit it back to the government to ensure you are not in conflict with your filings. GH Tax will ensure, first off, that you are supposed to collect it and then secondly what frequency of payment works best for your system. One of the biggest issues our customers face is catching up. It can be a very stressful and tiresome ordeal to make up time and correct your filings and payments if you are behind, but, we will alleviate that for you and work with you to see it completed and have you back in good standing!

  4. Business Taxes

    From sole proprietors to corporate owners (even on a smaller scale) business taxes are equally important to pay attention to with compliance. There is a great deal to comprehend when operating a business of what is and what is not consider ‘business income’. GH Tax will lay out schematics for you based on your business, how you operate, what your current filings are and if there are opportunities you are missing or need to comply with.  Call or text to arrange an appointment to allow us an opportunity to ensure you are doing what you need to while saving as much of your hard earned company revenue.

Our Vision

The word Vision is used so often by companies, but the truth is, we actually have a Shared Vision! That’s right and it includes you and your tax concerns. We want to hear it all, provide options and solutions to eliminate stress and bring you back to the place you are comfortable with. The other side of our Shared Vision is for those who have been paying and paying, year after year, for services without added value. Even if you are current on your taxes and pay a service, allow the opportunity to bring you a comparison of services, to show you how we operate and discover tax saving options for you going forward.


Brief History of GH Tax Consulting

Mar 2018

Our Shared Vision includes you! This is where you will fit into our historical timeline!

Jan 2017

Formally started and opened our doors in January 2017! After several years or working for companies we came to realise that people and businesses wanted our exclusive service, so, here we are one full year later!

Oct 2016

Financial Consultant

Investors Group
(1 year)
Jan 2010

Tax Professional

H&R Block
(6 years 10 months)

Basic to Business and GST tax filing